July 2018 Favorites

Binge-worthy television:

  1. Game of Thrones: I am on season 2 episode 9 currently and I am hooked. I don’t understand why I waited so long to watch this show. Granted, when I first started watching it, it took me a little while to become attached to the characters. However, after a few episodes characters, I hated ended up becoming some of my favorites.
  2. Dynasty: Words cannot express the drama in this show. It is hysterical. Fallon is played by the girl who played Jade on Victorious and her character in Dynasty is like Jade 2.0. Granted, there is only one season, however, the season finale had me SHOOK.

Online obsessions:

  1. Conspiracy Theories: You guys know I love a good mystery. It is one of my favorite topics to learn about/watch. Youtube is so plentiful with videos like these that make you form your own opinions and I live for them. My all-time favorite channels for this are Kendall Rae and her husband Josh. They have separate channels, however, they also have a podcast channel together called Mile Higher Podcasts and those videos get me through my week. They are nice and long so I can listen to them whenever and wherever and if I have to stop I can just pick up later where I left off! It’s my favorite thing in the entire world, and if you decide to check them out make sure you listen to their podcasts on the five families who run the world. It was so interesting to learn about the most influential families in existence and see how their accomplishments have gotten them where they are today. They have a lot of conspiracy theories behind these families as well and these five videos are truly, in my opinion, the best ones they have ever made!
  2. True Crime: Refer to above. Kendall Rae also does true crime videos and they are even more amazing.
  3. Shane Dawson documentaries: This is something semi-new Shane has recently started and I am living for them. They range from two to three part videos where he interviews people in a modern day take on journalism. His documentary about the TanaCon disaster was so interesting that I could not stop watching. Check it out!


  1. Monat: My friend Sarah is a consultant and rep for Monat. Which is a hair care line. She tried for months to get me to try it and I finally caved. Although my first purchase was a little pricey, I can HONESTLY say I am loving my hair. It is so much softer and way more easy to deal with. I don’t see myself using any other hair products on my hair ever again. THANK YOU SARAH!!
  2. Elf primer: I used this a few years ago and I ran out and stopped using any primer. I finally caved however and decided to buy two primers. I use them both together and my makeup has NEVER looked more flawless. A must buy for any girl serious about her makeup game.


  1. Mama Mia 2: Here We Go Again: When I say words do not express how excited I was about this movie I really mean it. I was such a big fan of the first one and the second far exceeded my expectations. The plotline was beautiful and watching it all fall into place the way it did was amazing. A beautiful present with a big bow wrapped on top. 10/10.


  1. Billy Ellish: When I say I am obsessed with this girls music it’s an understatement. She is going to do very big things this year I can feel it. Her vocals are amazing and make me feel like I am being serenaded by angels. If you have never listened to her music I suggest you start.
  2. Post Malone: If you know me personally you know I worship this man. None of you should be shocked. B&B has been on a constant loop in my car playlist since before I saw him in concert. Why would that change now?
  3. Lana Del Rey: I pretty much stay listening to Summertime Sadness. It’s my personal song of choice. Common sense says I would be blasting her music this entire summer, because, why not?
  4. Jesse McCartney: I started throwing it back to some oldies but goldies recently. I have not listened to him for years and the second any one of his songs play it was like I was thirteen again and knew every word. Truly magical experience.


  1. Song Pop: I recently downloaded this game since I used to play it a few years ago. Needless to say, I have been up very late in the morning now playing it constantly. I’m addicted, and I need help.
  2. Love Island: Once again, Sarah caused this. She was addicted to the tv show and then that caused me to try it out. After that, the only other logical thing to do is, well, you guessed it, PLAY THE GAME. Let me be the first to say, the game may actually be more addicting than the tv show. You have been warned.

That’s all for my July 2018 favorites! I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure you keep up to date with the blog because BIG things are coming!

Until next time!


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