Creating New

A/N: This is not a blog post saying that I will never return. It’s just a blog post about accepting the face I will never return to Young Harris as a student, I’ll just return as a visitor. I suppose that this is a farewell to a place that holds the largest chunk of my heart. I struggle with change, even more so when I love the place I am leaving to go to someplace else. Although, I have officially been a Nighthawk now at UNG for a full year, my heart has stayed Mountain Lion purple through and through. It’s time to say goodbye to the place that gave me the best year and a half of my life. It’s time to be okay with starting someplace new and allowing myself to let new people in. It’s time for me to realize that by doing so I am not betraying the friends I made during my time at Young Harris, nor am I disregarding the memories I made either. I will always feel most at home in that little valley. I came there as a child who had the highest hopes for herself, no real clue of the world, and an itch to get away from her hometown. I found several things in that valley. I found friends that will last a lifetime. I found sisters. Somehow, during all of that I ended up finding me.

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