Gypsy Mind

My entire life people have asked me where I see myself in five, ten, and even twenty years from now. My answer when I was younger was always something that at the time I was sure of. For example: When I was thirteen I would tell people I wanted to be a forensic detective. When I was sixteen, a lawyer. When I turned eighteen I was convinced I was going to be a pediatric acute care nurse and then when I went off to college I wanted to just be a neonatal nurse. Now at the ripe at of 21 (and some months), I want to do something in psychology. What? I have absolutely no idea and that terrifies me less than anything else I had planned.

You see I have never been one for planning out my life ahead of time. In certain aspects, yes. However, in categories like my future job that I will be doing until the ripe old age of 50 something, the thought of planning that for certain is terrifying. All this being said, there is one thing I have known my entire life and when people asked me where I saw myself, I gave them the basic answer of whatever job I was into at the moment. However, along with that, I made sure they understood I would not be in the small town I grew up in. That was the one thing I always knew for sure. Let me be honest, home really is where the heart is (and always will be), however, it was not where I needed to be.

In the twenty some years I have been around, I can’t say I have ever found THAT place that I need to be. The place that sets my soul on fire just by walking around it. The place that takes my breath away every time I discover new parts of it. While I have not yet found that place, I feel confident that when I do, I will just know it’s where I was meant to be. I think that’s how all of life is, you search for everything until you find something that makes you want to stop looking. I found love that way. I found friends that way. I find everything that way. I suppose that one day I’ll find my place one day. That place that makes me happy, that makes me want to stop looking, and stop wandering.

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