May 2019 Favorites

Welcome back to my blog. It has been a crazy few weeks! Around May 17th I got my tonsils out and was down for the count for a bit there. That being said, I am doing much better now and decided to come at you with a blog post today. I haven’t done a monthly favorites in a while so I figured why not. I’ve expanded my music taste, hobbies, and a bunch more. Hopefully, you find even one of these slightly interesting.


Halsey’s Nightmare – Words can’t describe how much I love Halsey in general and this song has been on repeat since the day it came out. A definite must listen to.

YUNGBLUD – I went to see him in concert the beginning of May and it was the best experiance of my existance. His stage presence is amazing and the crowd was electrifying. I have been to many concerts and this one ranked as one of the best. I love all of his music truthfully and you can’t go wrong listening to any of it.

Miley Cyrus – Disney’s little Montana turned bad bitch has always been a love of mine. I have loved Miley for years and she just released five brand new songs two of which I have loved way more than I need to be. D.R.E.A.M. and Unholy are stellar with typical Miley flare. Check them out if you havn’t yet.

Josh A & Iamjakehill – (Heartbreaks & Suicidal Thoughts) – I had some friends recently turn me onto these two songs and although it’s the only songs I have listened two by them I will be checking out more shortly. 10/10 recommened.

Mansionz – STFU: Again, I had some friends turn me onto this song and it’s a whole bop and a mood at the same time. Definitely a favorite on my music mix currently. Definitely worth checking out!

Social Media/Hobbies:

Coohom: I recently started looking at house floor plans and realized I hated them all so I learned how to use the website and have been creating my own. You can also decorate the house too which is really fun!


DALLMYD: He is a Youtuber that dives and simultaneously finds people’s shit that has fallen into water and returns it to them while cleaning up the environment and I must say I enjoy it a little too much. There’s a bunch of other Youtuber’s that do the exact same thing but I stumbled upon him. Plus he’s from Georgia which I thought was pretty neat.

Tana Mongeau: I have been a ride or die of Tana’s since 2015 probably. I can’t explain my love for her but watching her go from a psycho teen to a grown ass bitch has been the highlight of my adulthood years. She dates Jake Paul which might be a questionable life choice for her but…..yay for clout!

Paternity Court: This and Jerry Springer are my literal guilty pleasures. I can watch these back to back for hours and it’s always fun guessing the results for paternity court and seeing how people act. Jerry Springer is just crazy and everyone ends up in a fight at some point so truthfully, it’s just golden. A must watch if you are ever bored and need a good laugh and need to judge people real fast. The comedic relief everyone needs.

Ayydubs: She and I have the same personality I feel like so her content to me is the most painstakingly funny thing I get to watch all week. My personal favorite is her “Revealing Your Secrets” series. She lets her viewers pick the topic of secrets that are revealed. They write them to her via a Google forum and it gets pretty wild. The latest one was graduation secrets and I was not prepared.


The Rain: I believe this show is in Swedish actually but if you turn the subtitles on it has an amazing plot and it’s really fun to watch. Season two was just put up and I have been trying to sit down and find time to binge watch it all.

Slasher: If you have exhausted all the Netflix horror/thriller/suspense movies like I have then you will be glad to know there is a tv show that covers all three categories. Slasher is amazing and each season is different. Kind of like how American Horror Story is. It’s very gory and some of the murders are slightly graphic, so if you are not into that I would suggest skipping this one. I love gory tv shows and even a few of the murders were a little much for me. The plot lines are amazing and I enjoy trying to figure out who the killer is before the last episode. One of my favorites!


Sex and the City: If you follow me on snapchat or know me personally you know my love for this show runs very very deep. Carrie Bradshaw is the love of my life and I aspire to have friends like Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. I also binged watch six seasons of the in two weeks so I think I deserve a medal.

That’s really it for this months favorites. Like I said, I was out with my tonsils for a while so I stayed inside a lot and tried to find ways to occupy my time. Which mainly consisted of watching tv.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post!


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