My Experience In Greek Life|Delta Phi Epsilon

When I was a kid, I remember being so fascinated with sororities and Greek life. I remember being so excited to go off to Harvard Law School like El Woods did while also having an entire support system behind her. Or finding some kick-ass friends like Shelly in House Bunny. Unfortunately, while I was never a Playboy centerfold or particularly smart enough to get into Harvard; I did get one of my wishes.

I went into rush week with only those two specific things in mind: a support system and friends. I wanted to find a place where I felt like I belonged. I found that within the walls of a room in the student center at Young Harris College during my very first semester of college. Delta Phi Epsilon was the only national sorority on campus and they were still working to earn their place; having just been founded on that campus that same year. My naive little Freshman self came into this experience as clueless as you could be. Confused on the lingo and what was even going on. Yet, it was during the time of confusion, when I was making a list of what I liked about each individual sorority and didn’t; that I realized I didn’t have a single con for DPHIE. Where every other sorority (for me) had multiple reasons to not join, DPHIE was lacking one.

I was confused, needless to say. I’d already heard around campus that DPHIE was the “loser” sorority. Where the rejects went who couldn’t get into the other sororities. I wanted to be apart of something that other people wanted to also be apart of, but at the same time my heart was telling me it had found it’s home. So, when bid day came and I only had a bid from DPHIE, I knew. This was where I belonged.

Maybe I am a reject, maybe I am different, maybe I was unwanted by the other sororities on the Young Harris campus. But I was wanted by DPHIE. I was wanted by an intelligent, kind, and amazing group of women who ended up becoming more than friends, but sisters. I met my BIG because of DPHIE. I met my littles and people that I would not trade for the world, memories that could carry me through the next lifetime.

It was with the heaviest heart that I had to transfer to UNG. Young Harris stopped being what I needed academically, so it was goodbye Zeta-Zeta chapter and hello Gainesville. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to affiliate with the Gamma Omega chapter of DPHIE, but it was an upsetting thought. How could I just leave everything I know, friends, sisters, my big and littles to join another chapter? It felt like I would be trying to forget them, like betrayal almost. Coupled with the fact I had to get a job now and start paying rent monthly. I was terrified of all the new change being thrown my way. After many weeks of thinking, I decided to leave it. I went ‘Early Alum’ for the Zeta-Zeta chapter at the beginning of 2018 and told myself that was where my sorority years ended.

Until fall semester of 2019 an entire year and a half later. My classes got messed up on the Gainesville campus and as of August I would be commuting to Dahlonega two times a week. The first day on campus, I can honestly say I had no intentions of trying to reach out to any DPHIE girls. At this point, as far as I was concerned my Greek life days had passed. I was too busy to try to fit more into my life. But that same day I realized two DPHIE girls were in my first class in Dahlonega. It felt like fate, divine intervention, the universe, whatever your religious/spiritual preference is telling me that I was meant to be here. Because I was meant to be involved, that I had more time left as a sister of DPHIE.

So, my shy ass bit the bullet and reached out. Two weeks later here I am right now, writing this to you as an official Gamma Omega chapter member. My time the past two weeks has been very interesting. I’ve managed to make some of the quickest friendships I have ever made in my life. People I have never met in the chapter reaching out to me and taking the time to want to know me. Countless sleepovers at Jillian’s house and kickbacks at Kaitlyn’s. An abundance of lunch dates. Too much laughter and fast made plans. Concert buddies and rant sessions. The past two weeks have easily been the best two weeks I have had in a long time. And the only reason I can think of that’s caused it has been my involvement with the Gamma Omega chapter.

The truth is I wish I had affiliated with Gamma Omega earlier. I wish I had met all these amazing people earlier. But that’s the thing about wishes, they pick their own timing and for now, I’m just excited to see why that wish picked this moment of my life to happen.

For now, I’ll just thank my lucky stars that it did.

YITS to my sisters (old and new) and forever:


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