01.10.2020| Breakdown

And before you know it,

the sad songs become your new happy ones.

Because the pain you feel

was felt by someone else too.

For a moment, you think everything will be okay.

That for the first time in a long time,

you know you won’t feel like this forever.

That you will move on and be happy again.

But then you hear that one happy song,

the one that puts you at the center of a memory.

Suddenly, you’re back in his car

on a long road trip,

both singing off key to every song that comes on the radio.

You can’t help but be reminded of those better times.

When the future seemed definite

and your heart wasn’t ripping into pieces.

You wanted to laugh about that memory with them,

but you look around and are reminded that they aren’t here anymore.

You found yourself breaking down today,

because you want to go back to that time.

To long road trips and singing off key to every song on the radio.

And before you know it you realize,

that the songs that used to make you happy

are now the ones that make you sad.

That the happy songs are now a constant reminder

of just how uncertain the future is.

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