I Can’t Wait To Know You Like the Back of My Hand.

You haven’t been in my life long,

but you’re already teaching me.

You teach me patience,

when it comes to wanting to understand you.

Because some people are multi-layered and take time to trust.

You teach me to unlearn my usual thinking

and adopt a more healthy mindset.

You teach me that feelings are a choice

and that not everything has to be perfect all the time in order to be happy.

You teach me that people can go through the worst

and still come out better for it.

You taught me that mistakes and regrets are okay

and that they are there for a purpose,

because you can’t win every time.

You teach me that compromise is not always a bad thing.

You taught me that life is unfair

but you still have to ride the waves.

You teach me a lot

and managed to do it in such a short amount of time.

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