Okay, We’re Bored In The House (Quarantine TV Suggestions)

Well, it’s Corona time ladies and gents and with people freaking out still; I thought what better way to help my fellow members of the struggle bus than compiling a list of binge-worthy tv shows and exhilarating movies? So, sit down with your favorite snack and drink of choice and see if any of these intrigue you.

Happy Watching!

Since it’s summertime this beach based show fulfills all the adventure vibes I won’t be getting because of Corona. The entire show is built on finding a four million dollar treasure that was lost in a shipwreck. The main characters try to locate this while also having to deal with people trying to stop them. Along with that there is also your typical teen drama. This show has something for everyone.
This show id different from usual shows I watch, but it was mob related so of course I had to check it out. It’s set in the time between WWI and WWII and deals with the Shelby family and their mob Peaky Blinders. The main character Tommy is probably one of the most interesting characters I have ever seen. He is very cunning and knows exactly what to do at all times. Along with that all the characters are pretty unpredictable and you will stay guessing on what they will do next. There’s also a big romance side to this show as well between Tommy and the bar maid Grace.
Honestly, is anyone surprised about this? I talk about this show more often then I should probably. But there is a reason it has such a large fan base. Aside from the last season, which the world agreed was the worst final season of any show, it has the best plots, character developments, and honestly best everything. Plus, there’s dragons!
This is probably one of the best movies on Netflix right now. I watched this with my best friend Kerri a few weeks ago and we had eighty-thousand different theories to how this movie could end and we didn’t get it right at all.
It follows this woman who cares for an elderly man. The two are very good friends. Then he ends up murdered and she ends up getting the house after he puts her in his will. Everything seems to be going good.
Until it’s not.
When I say I love this show, I mean it. There’s only one season but I believe they are coming out with a second one soon. It follows a blind girl (who has the most sarcastic asshole sense of humor I’ve ever heard) trying to figure out who killed her best friend. She suffers from a drinking problem and is a general dick to everyone around her. But as the season progresses she really blossoms into such a great person. Along with that, the plot twist on who the killer is left me shook for days.

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