A/N: Hopefully this will make up for your last birthday and me not sending you a birthday message. It’s probably going to be very long and very sappy and knowing you, you are more than likely going to get emotional and or cry. 

There are many things I love in the world: iced coffee first thing when I wake up, the smell of bookstores, watching any documentary on true crime cases, Post Malone, and of course tacos. Out of all of the things that I love though, not a single one compares to the love I have for you.

While I am still working on my strongly worded letter to the President regarding your birthday becoming a national holiday; there are a few things that I know are written in stone. You will forever and always be the other half of my soul. There is not another person on this planet that understands me the way you do; maybe that is due in part to the fact we are the same person in a lot of ways. All I know, is that when it comes to people I know will sympathize and try to understand all my many problems, you are the person I run to and you are the person I count on. Even if it’s just to knock me upside my head and ask me what the hell I’m doing or bluntly tell me how I am wrong. I rely on your opinions more than I care to admit sometimes. Without them, I don’t really know where I would be right now.

We had the most interesting story of how our friendship was started. Granted, for a long time I detested talking about it because let’s face it, on my end, it’s pretty embarrassing. But now, almost three years later, it’s one of my favorite stories to laugh at with you. I guess if we have anyone in life to thank, it would be Johnny Thompson. I also can’t think of any other person I would have wanted to literally consider my enemy when I first met them, other than you. Our friendship story was interesting and the way we actually ended up being friends is still yet to be figured out by either of us. I know Dphie had something to do with it and if I am being completely honest, it more than likely forced us to start being civil to each other; which I suppose could have been mistaken as friendship, eventually becoming a real friendship. Out of all the things I got out of  Young Harris College (mostly C’s and D’s) joining the sorority I did and having you as my sister was one of the highlights. You are more than my sister though. You’re my family. You will always be my family.

Since the three years of knowing you, we have changed as people a lot. We have had our fair share of heartbreak, death, suffering, pain, and countless moments of happiness. Yet, for every one of them (minus a few when I was MIA) we shared in them together. You pulled me out of some very dark times and I hope that I helped you get through some too. I’ve watched you gradually become the person you are today –  this amazing and strong willed woman that never takes ‘no’ for an answer and is so much more accomplished than other people our age (including me). You inspire me daily to strive for more and to work even harder for what I want.

You never pretend to have it all together and sometimes I do catch you falling apart, but even when you do you bounce back instantly and form a game plan to move forward. You have the determination of someone escaping kidnap and while intense at times, it’s very inspiring to watch. You are the bluntest person I have ever met in my life, you could put anyone in their place and not bat an eyelash. I think the most valuable lesson you’ve ever taught me is to speak up for myself and not let people treat me anyway they please. Even now, I hear you in my head on a daily basis, if someone says anything slightly off your voice starts ringing through my head and telling me what you think. You have become my internal voice, which could be both a good and a bad thing XD.

All I know is that your birthday should be celebrated because your birth is special. You are officially 22 today and how I managed without you in my life for 19 years is still a mystery to me. BUT I hope this birthday for you is all that you want it to be and more. I hope that your accomplish so much this year personally and professionally. I hope all of your dreams, whatever they may be for this year, come true. I hope that your booty stays poppin’ and that your skin is as clear as a babies butt. You deserve the world Kerri and I feel like this year you’re going to make it yours.

I love you and happy birthday you flawless goddess of perfection. I can’t wait to get wine drunk with you at a vineyard and then go eat good food.

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Also Sidenote: It’s not okay how few pictures together we have. We are fixing THAT this year.

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